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We have invested heavily in our production and design facilities, enabling us to offer LTA, JIT, KANBAN, bar coding, VMI programs and much more.  As an AS9100 certified manufacturer and an AS9120 distributor, we operate to the very highest industry standards.  All our products are made in compliance with relevant ITAR and EAR requirements, so when you deal with us, you know you're working

HexHead Bolts

AN3–AN20 MS9487–MS9508 NAS467
AN60 MS9513 NAS501
AN65 MS9516–MS9537 NAS563–NAS572
AN73–AN81 MS9583–MS9591 NAS653–NAS658
AN173–AN186 MS9622–MS9657 NAS673–NAS678
AN101001–AN101800 MS9685–MS9693 NAS1003–NAS1020
AN101801–AN101900 MS9781–MS9824 NAS1096
AN101901–AN102800 MS9957–MS9965 NAS1103–NAS1120
AN102801–AN103700 MS16205–MS16206 NAS1223–NAS1235
AN103701–AN104600 MS16208 NAS1261–NAS1270
AN104601–AN105500 MS18153–MS18154 NAS1297
AN105501–AN106400 MS20033–MS20046 NAS1303–NAS1320
AN106401–AN106500 MS20073–MS20074 NAS1588
AN106501–AN106600 MS21094–MS21095 NAS1801–NAS1802
AN106601–AN106700 MS35289–MS35314 NAS1953–NAS1970
AN106701–AN106800 MS35763–MS35764 NAS2813–NAS2830
AN106801–AN106900 MS51093–MS51112 NAS2903–NAS2920
AN106901–AN107000 MS75043 NAS3003–NAS3020
AN107001–AN107100 MS90725–MS90726 NAS6203–NAS6220
AN107101–AN107200 MS90728 NAS6303–NAS6320
AN107201–AN107300 NAS53–NAS60 NAS6403–NAS6420
AN107301–AN108200 NAS62 NAS6603–NAS6620
MS9122–MS9123 NAS64 NAS6703–NAS6720
MS9281–MS9302 NAS66 NAS6803–NAS6820
MS9316–MS6317 NAS428 NAS9101–NAS9106
MS9438–MS9459 NAS464 NAS9201–NAS9206

hex head bolts-Fastener DimensionsHex Head Bolts are available in many different sizes, materials, diameters and head configurations. Part number types usually consist of AN, NAS, MS, NASM, AS, HS, SS and BACB.  Fastener Dimensions has the ability to make any of the Hex Head Bolts on this page if they’re not already in stock, ready to ship today. If you do not see the part number series on this page call us today.

Custom Hex head bolts are very common in the industries we serve. For more information on custom fastener manufacturing please see the custom bolts to print section.

Fastener Dimensions, Inc. can be your reliable source for all of your Fasteners. We are both a Manufacturer and Distributor of over 150,000 different products for the Aircraft, Aerospace, Military, Defense, Medical, Transportation, Rail, Space and Racing Industries. We have produced both Production and R & D parts for some of the most prime aircraft manufacturers in the world. In fact, we are one of the most prominent NASM Bolt Manufacturers in the country.

We also offer Internal Wrenching Bolts, External Wrenching Bolts, Spline Heads, Socket Caps, Hex Heads, 12 Point Bolts, Tulip heads, Pan Heads, Flat Heads and Custom Bolts to your blueprint. If your Head Configuration is not listed, please see the Bolt and Screw Head Styles section on our website, or call us today.


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