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High Performance Inserts, Aerospace - Military

Inserts are stocked or manufactured to meet the demanding quality, performance and reliability requirements of today's applications. Every insert is advanced engineered with sophisticated manufacturing and strict quality control. Both the inserts and studs provide excellent torque-out and pullout capabilities through integral locking stakes which are driven into the parent material.

Solid Wall Staked Inserts

Solid Wall Staked Inserts-Fastener DimensionsFeatures - Provide excellent resistance to torque-out and pullout. Integral stakes are driven into the parent material to mechanically lock the insert in place and prevent rotation under high torsion loading and extreme vibration. Prevailing torque self-locking threads are integral to the insert or through the use of a polymer washer incorporated into the insert. Locking stakes are available in number of materials including self-broaching materials to eliminate pre-broaching in hard materials such as Alloy steels, Inconel, Titanium and WASPALLOY(TM).

Applications - Staked inserts can be used to enhance thread life and performance in soft materials such as Aluminum and Magnesium. They also provide increased torsion load capabilities. Ideal for electronics, aircraft engines, military defense systems and vehicles as well as overall thread repair, maintenance and salvage of expensive castings and forgings.

Configuration; Miniature, Lightweight, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, Blind End, Solid Plug.

Materials; 303 Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless steel, 17-4PH, A286, 4140 Alloy Steel, Alloy 718 (INCONEL(TM) 718), Titanium

Sizes; #2 through 1 /14 inch, 4mm-24mm, internal thread

Standards; MS51830, MS51831, MS51832, NAS1394, NAS1395
ID Threads; UNJF, UNJC, Metric

Finishes; Cadmium per QQ-P-416; Type II, Class 2; Type II Class 3, Passivate per AMS QQ-P-35 or ASTM A380, Silver per AMS 2410, AMS 2411, or QQ-S-365, Type I, Grade A Molybdenum Disulfide solid film lubricant coated per AS5272on thread locking products Nickel per QQ-N-290

Locking Feature;  Metal, VESPEL(TM), Nylon

Performance; MIL-I-45914

Floating Inserts

Floating Inserts-Fastener DimensionsFeatures; Automatically compensates for misalignment of mating holes. Useful on curved surfaces.

Materials; 303 CRES, A-286 Alloy Steel

Sizes; Internal thread, sizes from #8 through 1/2in.

Standards; AS8879

Finishes; 303CRES passivated unless otherwise specified, Chrom-Moly Steel - cadmium plated Type I, Class 3, dry film lube.

Swaged Inserts

Thinwall Slimcert Swaged Inserts-Fastener DimensionsFeatures; Lightweight, high strength and space-saving by design are key features of the Swaged Insert. Minimum boss required for installation. Locking knurl design provides for ease of installation and high torque-out performance in soft and hard parent materials.

Applications; Swaged inserts are utilized where boss area is minimal to enhance thread life, and performance. Used in electronics, aircraft engines and other applications requiring a lightweight, high performance solid wall insert.

Configuration; Reduced wall thickness insert, available in standard length and extra length.

Materials; 4130 Alloy Steel, A286, 17-4 PH, Alloy 718(INCONEL(TM)718).

Sizes; #4 through 1/2inch, 5mm-10mm

Standards; MIL-I-45932/1 &/3, AS52760/63, AS52790/93, NSA5054, EN3236/7, AS3504/5

ID Threads; UNJF, UNJC, Metric

Finishes; Cadmium per QQ-P-416 Type II, Class 2; TypeIII, Class3; Molybdenum Disulfide solid film lubricant per AS5272, Type I; Silver per AMS 2411 or QQ- S- 365, Type II, Grade B

Locking Features; Matel

Performance; MIL-I-45932, TS138, AS3506 and EN3297

Ringlock Studs - Inserts

Ring Lock Studs - Inserts - Rings-Fastener DimensionsFeatures; Weight saving and provides high resistance to torque-out and pullout when used in conjunction with serrated lock ring driven into parent material. Interference fit stud end threads provide excellent performance in high fatigue/high vibration applications.

Applications; Utilized in soft and hard materials found in gear boxes, engines, pumps and vehicles in general.

Configuration; Shear, Lightweight, Heavy Duty

Materials; 4130 Alloy Steel, 303 Stainless, 17-4 PH, Alloy 718 (INCONEL 718), 6A1-4V Titanium

Sizes; #10 through 1 inch, 5mm-12mm

Standards: MS51551, AS51992, AS51989, MS51991, MS51993
MS51989 - NASM51989 - MS51991 - NASM51991 - MS51992 - NASM51992

Nut End Threads; UNJC, UNJF, Metric

Finishes; Cadmium, Per QQ-P-416 Type II, Class 3, Passivated per ASTM A380 and Anodic coating per AMS 2488, Type 2

Performance; NASM45909, MIL-I-45910

Rosan is a registered trademark of Alcoa.  Fastener Dimensions only stocks Alcoa fasteners for distribution only.

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