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Fasteners & Components In All Materials & Configurations

<table id="idContentTbl" height="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%" border="0" name="idContentTbl"><tbody><tr><td id="idContentTblCell" valign="top" width="100%" height="100%" name="idContentTblCell"><!--PAGE START--><table><tbody><tr><td valign="top" width="410"> <p class="caps"><img border="0" src="/sites/" width="410" height="16" /><br /><img border="0" src="/sites/" width="6" height="6" /><br /><span style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1.3em" class="quality">Fastener Dimensions, Inc. is both a manufacturer and distributor of AN, MS, NA, NAS fasteners and related <b>AIRCRAFT, AEROSPACE AND MILITARY COMPONENTS &amp; HARDWARE</b> with the capability of manufacturing and modifying to blueprint specifications.<br /><img border="0" src="/sites/" width="2" height="8" /><br /><b><font color="#0000ff"><a href="/sites/ QM08_EN (2).pdf">ISO 9002-A6645 Certified</a></font></b><br /><img border="0" src="/sites/" width="2" height="8" /><br /><b>Certified to MIL-I-45208A<br /></b>Conforms to AS 2000 • AN3 thru AN163400<br />MA2528 thru MS172321 • NAS2 thru NAS9312<br /></span><br /><script src="swfobject.js" type="text/javascript"></script></p><div style="DISPLAY: inline" id="flashcontent"><img border="0" hspace="0" alt="Fastener Dimensions-Certified Sourced for Safety and Flight Critical Applications" src="/sites/" width="410" height="190" /></div><script type="text/javascript"> <!--//--><![CDATA[// ><!-- var so = new SWFObject("home.swf", "mymovie", "410", "190", "6", "#cccccc"); so.write("flashcontent"); //--><!]]> </script><p style="LINE-HEIGHT: 2em" class="quality">• Ordanance - Electronic - Industrial - Commercial <br />• Every Material - Standard and Specials<br />• Any Size or Length - Headed or Machined From Bar<br />• Need it now? Request our same day fastener service!</p></td> <td width="10"> </td> <td class="newstable" valign="top" width="150"><!--webbot bot="Include" u-include="news.html" tag="BODY" startspan --><span class="quality"><b>Manufacturing &amp; Stocking the Following</b></span> <p class="news">• Bolts • Nuts • Screws<br />• Pins • Studs • Rods<br />• Plugs • Rivets<br />• Socket Heads<br />• Standoffs • Spacers<br />• Washers • Bushings<br />• Self Locking Fasteners<br />• Clinching Hardware<br />• Rings • Clips • Inserts<br />• Hydraulic Fittings<br />• Hose Assemblies<br />• Electronic Hardware<br />• Specials to Specs<br /></p><img border="0" src="/sites/" width="150" height="1" /><!--webbot bot="Include" i-checksum="61283" endspan --></td></tr></tbody></table></td></tr></tbody></table>
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