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Studs are available in many materials and configurations and can be easily installed with simple hand tools. Studs are manufactured to MS, AS, MIL I, NAS, NASM, EN, NA, NSA, Standards and more or to specific customer requirements.

Studs, bolts, screws, nuts & washers as well as related specialty hardware certified to MIL-I-45208A. Let us fill your large volumn orders from our stocking inventory; conforms to AS 2000, AN3 thru AN163400, MA2528 thru MS172321, NAS2 thru NAS9312. 

Part NumberMfg SpecMaterialHeat TreatThreadsPlating
AN125951 - AN170900AMS7456Alloy SteelRC26 - 32UNJF - 3ACadmium
MS9309 - MS9312AMS7452Alloy SteelRC26 - 32NF - 3ACadmium
MS9827 - MS9833AMS7456Alloy SteelRC26 - 32UNJF - 3A
and UNJS
MS9834 - MS9840AMS7456Alloy SteelRC26 - 32UNJF - 3A
and UNJS
MSMS17293 - MS17296AMS7456Alloy SteelRC26 - 32UNJF - 3A
and NJS
MS17927 - MS17298AMS7456Alloy SteelRC26 - 32UNJF - 3A
and NJS
MS17299 - MS17301AMS7456Alloy SteelRC26 - 32UNJF - 3A
and NJS
MS17302 - MS17303AMS7456Alloy SteelRC26 - 32UNJF - 3A
and NJS
MS51833 - MS51834 - NASM51834 - MS51989 - NASM51989 - MS51991 - NASM51991 - MS51992 - NASM51992

Staked Studs
Staked Studs

Features; Weight-saving and provides excellent resistance to torque-out and pullout. Integral stakes are driven into parent material for a positive mechanical lock. Can withstand high temperatures and loading.

Applications; Staked studs are used in a number of turbine engines and transmission/gear box applications. widely used for component assembly that cannot accept a through-bolt and nut combination.

Configuration; Shear, Lightweight, Heavy Duty

Materials; 303 Stainless, A286, 4140 Alloy Steel, Alloy 718 (INCONEL(TM) 718), 6A1-4V Titanium

Sizes; #10 through 1inch, 5mm-12mm

Standards; NASM51833, NASM51834, MS51833, MS51834

Nut End Threads; UNJF, UNJC, Metric

Finishes; Cadmium per AMS-QQ-P-416, Type II, Passivated per AMS-QQ-P-35 or ASTM A380

Performance; NASM45015

Ringlock Studs - Inserts

Ring Lock Studs - Inserts - RingsFeatures; Weight saving and provides high resistance to torquw-out and pullout when used in conjunction with serrated lock ring driven into parent material. Interference fit stud end threads provide excellent performance in high fatigue/high vibration applications.

Applications; Utilized in soft and hard materials found in gear boxes, engines, pumps and vehicles in general.

Configuration; Shear, Lightweight, Heavy Duty

Materials; 4130 Alloy Steel, 303 Stainless, 17-4 PH, Alloy 718 (INCONEL(TM) 718), 6A1-4V Titanium

Sizes; #10 through 1 inch, 5mm-12mm

Standards: MS51551, AS51992, AS51989, MS51991, MS51993
Nut End Threads; UNJC, UNJF, Metric

Finishes; Cadmium, Per QQ-P-416 Type II, Class 3, Passivated per ASTM A380 and Anodic coating per AMS 2488, Type 2

Performance; NASM45909, MIL-I-45910

Ring Locked Studs

Ring locked studs were designed to transfer high axial loads into weak base materials. A lockring prevents the stud from backing out, in either soft or hard materials, as it resists extremely high torque loads.

Variations of these studs include pin types, hydraulic, terminal types, full shank, reduced-shank nut ends, and studs designed for installation into extremely hard materials.

• Standard thread sizes from 0.138 to 1.000 (inch) and 5 to 24 (millimeter)

• DID, MS, DIN & LN standards

Size-On-Size Studs

Size-on-size studs are similar to ring locked studs except that both threads have the same nominal diameter. This feature allows the stud to be installed into minimum size bosses. The captivated lockring provides a positive lock against rotation, transferring high torque loads from the stud to the base material while the stud threads resist tension loads.

• Alloy steel, corrosion-resistant steels
& titanium

• Optional variety of finishes available

• Size-on-size studs range: 0.164 to 0.375 (inch), 5 to 12 (millimeter), AS & DIN standards

Ring lock Rings

Features; Necessary to complete fastener installation when mated with applicable ringlock stud/insert.

Configuration; Standard & High strength

Materials; Alloy Steel & A286, Stainless Steel
Sizes; Mated to studs/inserts with thread sizes from #8 through 1-in.(varies between studs and inserts)

Standards; A-A-59558, MS51997, MS51990, RL, RLR, RLRR

Finishes; C1117 - Cadmium plated per AMS-QQ-P416 Type II, Class 3, A286 - passivated per Ams-QQ-P-35

Procurement; MIL-I-45910


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