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Blank Bolts Program

What is a Blank?

A blank is an unfinished bolt, held in reserve, to be completed for future orders.

Fastener Dimensions maintains a supply of semi-finished bolts in inventory manufactured in standard diameters, head styles, lengths and materials. This is an investment that we make to give us the ability to get a head-start on your orders. This time-saving practice allows us to rapidly fulfill short runs and expedited orders with quicker turn-around times, smaller quantities, and minimal lead time requirements.

Our Hot Forging Equipment with Adjustable Slide Tables and Custom Base Plates can produce bolts in any diameter from #8 to 2 inches and any length up to 30 inches under the head.

Headed blanks are set aside and stored in bins for future finishing. The stored blanks can be pulled for further refinements at any time to be completed.

Everyday advantages...

How do our customers benefit?

  • You do not need to have placed an order to benefit from our Blank Bolts program.
  • Order only the quantities that you need.
  • No need to store leftover inventory.
  • You aren't required to place a minimum order that exceeds your immediate assembly needs.
  • Reduce the need for rushed orders.
  • Improve delivery times.
  • Depending on the complexity, delivery can sometimes be as soon as in under two weeks time.

With a Long Term Agreement there's even greater ways that you benefit:

With a commitment for future orders of a specific part or parts, FDI will prepare lots that can be premanufactured, tested, and certified at any point of the process.

When your shipment is needed, the semi-finished blanks are pulled from inventory to be completed.

  • Customer owns inventory.
  • Lock in prices and save with LTOs.
  • FDI holds excess partially finished pieces at our location until you are ready to reorder.
  • Efficiency improves fulfillment time.
  • Tighter control of regulating the influx of new replenished inventory.