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Panel Fasteners

Advanced Composite Panel Fasteners

For fiber-reinforced panels, Fastener Dimensions Inc. stocks panel fasteners engineered to mount to advanced composite structures. Designed to withstand localized concentrated loading, they offer galvanic compatibility, resist hold-edge crushing, vibrations, and water absorption, and are known to exhibit fewer issues with interference fit.

  • Shur-Lok Panel Fasteners
  • SLD100
  • SLD600
  • SLD5000
  • SLD5100
  • SLD6200
  • SL101
  • SL102
  • SL106
  • SL601
  • SL602
  • SL603
  • SL604
  • SL606
  • SL607
  • SL618
  • SL626
  • SL644
  • SL2334
  • SL2630
  • SL2821
  • SL5069
  • SL5163
  • SL5169
  • SL6224
  • SL6277
  • SL6279
  • SL6288
  • SLT600
  • NSN Panel Fasteners
  • NSN5310
  • NSN5325
  • NSN5340
  • NSN5365
  • Sandwich Structure Fasteners
  • NAS1832
  • NAS1833
  • NAS1834
  • NAS1835
  • NAS1836
  • NAS1837
  • D1832
  • D1833
  • D1834
  • D1835
  • D1836
  • D1837
  • S601
  • S602
  • S603
  • S604
  • S605
  • S606

Types we offer: bonded-on, bonded mechanical and nonmetallic potted-in.

Bonded-on types

include studs and insert plates supplied with pre-attached thermoplastic adhesive. The adhesive is melted by applying heat to the fastener.

Bonded mechanical types

utilize a combination of adhesive, as well as, mechanical means for retention in the structure.

Nonmetallic inserts and spacers

(sleeves and plugs) are primarily designed to be mounted to sandwich structures. They are made mostly of polyetherimide, a very lightweight material, which is non-reactive with current composites.

Sandwich structure fasteners, also known as potted-in inserts, are panel fastener that are engineered to be mechanically installed in honeycomb and sandwich panel structures. They are designed for aircraft interior main structures and are also ideal for use in the fabrication of aircraft interior secondary structures, such as: floor boards, wall panels, galleys, lavatories, stow bins, and over-head compartments.

Fastener Dimensions carries all of the available designs and configurations. Insert types include threaded or non-threaded, through or blind, locking or non-locking styles.

Our easily-installed floating inserts feature a unique, self-contained, floating nut located in the insert that compensates for screw misalignment.

Spacers are designed to be installed in structural applications and are often used in aircraft floors. Two different systems of spacers can be had and are available as either a one-piece sleeve or a two piece system with a plug and a sleeve. As a way to increase shear load capacity, spacers are frequently installed with epoxy under the flange.