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Ring-locked Studs

Used in mated pairs, Ring Locked Inserts and Studs are ideal for use in gear boxes, engines, pumps and vehicles in general. They provide excellent performance in high fatigue/high vibration applications. Their superior torsional resistance combined with a serrated Lockring, prevent the stud from backing out, in either soft or hard parent materials

  • AS1561
  • AS1620
  • AS3319–AS3322
  • AS51989/MS51989
  • AS51992/MS51992
  • DOD-S-63275/1
  • MS51497
  • MS51551
  • SHF-(X)
  • SFC-(X)
  • SFCH-(X)
  • SLSF-(X)/MS51989
  • SLSC-(X)/MS51989
  • SLSFJ-(X)/MS51551
  • SLSFTJ-(X)/MS51551
  • SLSFA-(X)/AND20000
  • SLSFB-(X)/AND20000
  • SLSF5902-(X)/MS51992
  • SLSFT5902-(X)/MS51992
  • SLSFR5902-(X)/MS51497
  • SLSFC-(X)/AS3319 thru AS3322
  • SLSFCR-(X)
  • SLSHF-(X)

Ring-Locked Stud Details

Size-on-size Stud Details

Ring-locked Inserts and Studs

  • Standard and oversize styles available.
  • Manufactured in both inch and metric threads.
  • Solid configurations for plugs or special requirements.
  • Hydraulic sealing configurations (low pressure)
  • Produced in all common aerospace materials to MS, AN, NAS, SAE and other specifications.
  • All styles available in standard configurations or with internal thread locking features.